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Cleghorn Trail

...so I am finally breaking in my new Jeep.  I'd had an old Jeep YJ that was fairly competent offroad... and I broke down and bought this newer Jeep in early September, 2009.  It's a 2000 TJ with all the goodies and I've been itching to take it out and see what it can do. 

Last weekend Woods took me to Cleghorn Ridge trail (near Mountain High in Southern California) to test out the 4x4 and scrape off a little excess paint. 

Here are some pics from that trail and a nearby short wash that we traveled through.  If I do this again then I'll get a GPS trace of it and get it posted online.

Here's the new Jeep (as yet unnamed) crawling through a wash that we found.  On the passenger side, I am dragging a little... good thing I have those nerf bars in place.

10 seconds later, I have taken a slight right and I'm dragging myself across the rock.

Two options on this wall - I could have straddled the gap, or trusted in my low center of gravity to keep me from tipping over.  I chose "B", but if I were to do it again, I think I may go with the other option.  I'm running pretty close that that wall and it doesn't look like my driver-front wheel has much traction.

Finally, here's a shot of me straddling a small low spot.  I actually threw the Jeep into neutral, cranked on the hand-brake, and got out to take this photo.  It's a good frame-twisting shot.  Whaddya think, about 30 degrees angle between axles?