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Chris' wishlist

I'm lucky enough to be able to spoil myself with an abundance of toys, gadgets, and clothing.  Unfortunately, this leaves very little room for the generous people who would like to give me something - if I think I need it, I often get it for myself.  In fact, I'm generally behind the eight-ball in paring down the things that I have but don't use. 

I'm reminded of my poor dad - he's an avid golfer.  When a gift-giving holiday comes along, he's usually saddled with golf shot glasses, digital scorekeepers, and golf novelty flasks/socks/tees, and tons of other gadgets and gear that he doesn't use.  Dad is lucky enough to have focused on just a single hobby, but I live in fear of his 'problem' multiplied by my biking/running/offroading/scuba/various other follies.

...so I do keep an Amazon list for a few things that I'd like but haven't acquired for myself.  Most of these aren't 'fun' gifts to give, and many are too expensive to buy as gifts... but here's the list.

In addition to these, there are a few constants that I often lack.  These include:
1) Books - I love a good book. If you've read it and enjoyed it, great. If you've heard it's good, that's great too.
2) A nice bottle of wine. Who doesn't like a good bottle of wine?  Bonus if you have time to share it with me.

It really IS the thought that counts... any little thing works for me.  Thank you for reading this -